Our HIRING OUR HEROES eMentor Programs

In partnership with AcademyWomen the U.S Chamber of Commerce Foundation is proud to offer the MilSpouse and Veteran eMentor Programs where veterans and military spouses can access guidance and support for job seeking, career development and personal challenges from experienced veterans, spouses, career mentors and military-friendly employers. If you would like to join BOTH programs you need to only select ONE program on this page. You'll be given the chance to add the other program in a later screen.
The Veteran eMentor Program leverages the internet to create a dynamic information sharing, learning and support community that extends far beyond the veteran's current network. We welcome protégés who served in the Armed Forces and are now seeking civilian employment or assistance with any aspect of the transition to civilian life. Protégés can receive personalized career guidance, advice, support and inspiration from more experienced veterans, career mentors and veteran-friendly employers. We also invite mentors, with or without a military experience, to join and assist protégés with their job search and other career challenges.

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The MilSpouse eMentor Leadership Program welcomes mentors and protégés who are spouses or widow/ers of military members and veterans. We also invite representatives of military spouse-friendly firms to serve as corporate mentors to assist protégés seeking employment or with other career issues. The program puts military spouses in virtual touch with more experienced spouses and corporate and career mentors for guidance and support with challenges of all kinds and for assistance with finding meaningful employment with longevity and upward mobility.

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